Web site creation, repair, and maintainance

We are website designers

We love to create websites, and we can create one for you. By allowing us to design your site, we can optimize it from the beginning. They way google finds and categorizes websites, is largely determined by how it reads the website. Typically google doesn’t read through the whole site, it instead looks at key words called “meta data” The meta data is typically found in the first few sentences or in the title. This is why carefully placed meta word is crucial to your site’s seo status

We are web programers

We can create, repair, or provide backend web programming for your website. Often, even knowledgeable web designers can get caught up with something that they do not know how to do.. Something simple maybe. We can provide you with the technical advice that you need.

We can host your website

Hosting with us is also a option. We can provide this for you relatively simply and, in an affordable manner. Hosting and SEO in combination can work well because it allows us access to the backend of your site. In addition this allows us to run our specific plugins and backups.