Social media services

Instagram/ Facebook and more

Social media sites are important when creating your online presence. People generally expect to see a reputable instagram and facebook page. They are not hard to create or maintain. If you like, we can create and maintain them or you can create and upload the posts and we can generate the following.

How it works

For example, if you are a barber, and we create a website for your shop, a complementary instagram page would be a good idea. You can show poeople the different haircuts you can provide . With this type of business, people may even look at the instagram page more than the website. So with this type of business it is important that you post quality pictures, and develop many people who like your posts and pics. People generally look at the photo first, then look at how many likes it received, then look at what comments were said. They are very influenced by this, so the ideal scenario would be: many photos of awesome looking haircuts, and lots of likes and support in the comment section.

We can get you likes and subscribers

We can help you get likes, comments and followers. All you have to do is post the right pictures and we can get you the support via customer interaction to make people feel like they are part of a group of people that come to your shop.