About us

We have been doing search engine optimization and web site creation for 15 years now. The owner who has his own small business, started by competitively optimizing his his own non computer website and evolved it into a SEO and business website marketing company.

Since then, Boca SEO has built many other websites, and has helped them improve their rankings in google and other platforms. We typically utilize a broad approach, by creating different areas where the website will have presence. Not just the primary website, but we create links to your website on other sites, videos on youtube that link to your site, and social media links to your site. All this combines to give your website a robust appearance on the web.

If you decide to let us help, you will be mainly working with one SEO programer. He will keep in close contact with you, to keep you updated as to what we are doing, and how we are doing it. We will also show your current internet status and how it is improving.