Reputation Management

What do you look like on line?

Generally speaking, when people want to find out about someone, they look them up on the web. If you are a Chiropractor, and you have a prospective new patient looking for Chiropractors in the area, they are looking at Chiropractors near them, and they are looking at the reviews posted online about them. This is generally how people make decisions about who they go see.

Make sure you have good reviews for your business

It is important that when people look you up, they see excellent reviews. Google reviews, yelp reviews, and profession based review sites, are what we can target. We would strive to ensure you have a reputable online presence. We have developed excellent strategies, to develop positive online accounts of your business, and possess ways to manage bad reviews.

Bad review management

Bad reviews can create havoc on a otherwise good business. If you have some negative reviews, we can help. We have dealt with this type of problem before, and can help you if someone has left a bad review for you.